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Tape and Pull

One morning, in the Panda Room, our kids were really on the go, so I decided to set up an activity I had spotted online that might help calm them down. It was one the simplest things to set up. All I used was a tape, a pair of scissors, table and toys. Our kids went crazy over the idea. Do you want to give it a try at home? This is an easy peasy activity & there isn’t much to setting up. It’s very simple & we’re using things, you already have around your house.

Materials: Tape, table, light toys ( food toys, Legos, plastic balls...) For progression, or a more challenging setting for Preschoolers/Kindergarten: Yarn, flash cards, construction papers, spare cloth/fabrics & clothes pins, etc Setting up: 1. Grab a safe table (preferably a wooden one) 2. Turn the table upside down, making sure it’s at your child’s level 3. Put tape around the legs of the tables. 4. Bring out the toys for invitation For more challenging tasks, you can ask your child to make a pattern, hang paper clothes. Make alphabet or number flash cards & arrange them accordingly. Or write down the letters of their name & hang them. Cool! This activity is not just fun but a good avenue to build up children’s fine motor hand coordination, as they pinch, grab & press. These skills go a long way to the development of some important school and practical life skills, such as writing, drawing, buttoning, tying, cutting, using tools, etc. You can use the activity to introduce early literacy and math concepts/skills; sorting, patterning, ordering, matching, counting, colour, shape, number, letter and name recognition, and more.

It’s fun, less mess and it’s fantastic for our little ones' exploration, learning & growth!

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