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April 3, 2020

 Having trouble swinging by a craft store? Why not dig in your pantry for some pasta noodles that are perfectly great for some craft time.

Here’s a fun and easy pasta noodles craft that your children will love, using their imagination to create fancy/ crazy hair styles.


Adults and older siblings may get involved in doing this activity.

What to do:


1. Make a replica of yourself highlighting the facial features, hair color, & hair styles


2. Draw the face.

3. Grab some uncooked pasta noodles & choose the appropriate ones that match the type of your hair ( spaghetti-straight hair; elbow, macaroni- wavy hair; rigatoni, tortiglioni- curly hair;noodles- kinky)

4. Paint the pasta noodles ( optional) & let it dry.

5.Glue the pasta noodles on the hairline until you have your desired hair design/ hair style.

6. To finish it off; add other embellishments like bow, paper flower , glitters, pompom, wiggling eyes, etc.

7. When done, set aside to let it dry completely.


Give it a try today & see big smiles on everyone’s face!

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