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I Spy Art

When my son was growing up one of his favorite games to play was I Spy. He enjoyed playing this game from a very early age. To this day I have a wonderful collection of I Spy books that we used many times. I have brought these books to the day care and the children enjoy trying to find the items hidden in the pages of the books. This craft idea was sparked from these books.

Your child will need to gather a variety of items and then glue them onto a piece of paper. After they have created their art work they can use it to play I Spy with other members of the family. This is an activity children of all ages can create and then play the game when finished. Enjoy this activity and remember to have fun and be creative with what you put on your I Spy art.

What you will need:

White glue

Stock paper (paper that is a little heavier in weight supports the items but regular paper will work too)

Variety of craft supplies (feathers, beads, buttons, scraps of fabric, foam letters, paper clips, etc.)

Glue the items onto your piece of paper. Let the art work dry and then you can play I Spy with your unique art work with your family members. Children are very creative when given a variety of items. This activity develops creativity, fine motor skills and cognitive skills. It is just a lot of fun too for everyone.

Here is an example of a page from an I Spy book, just to give you an idea if you haven't read one before.

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