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Shredded Wheat Bird's Nest

Spring is coming....birds are starting to make nests... I have heard robins and have seen Canada geese while taking Molly (Anna's dog) out for a short is a recipe for birds nest that you can eat SHREDDED WHEAT BIRD'S NEST....makes 12 Get out muffin tin....cut out 12 pieces of foil...grease the pieces of foil and place in muffin tin

Next 4 shredded Wheat Biscuits 1/2 cup of Margarine 3 tablespoons Sugar

Melt margarine...crush the shredded wheat biscuits by hand in a ziploc bag. Pour in bowl..add sugar and melted margarine..mix well....arrange the mixture in the muffin tin like a nest.bake at 350. for 10 minutes and let cool Mix up vanilla or chocolate instant pudding according to directions on box

Put a little pudding in the bottom of the nest Cadbury mini eggs or jelly beans or the marshmallow birds ..or even small chocolate eggs Eat and enjoy!

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