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Indoor Puffy Paint

Painting is an activity that children of all ages enjoy being a part of. It fosters their fine motor skills and creativity. Having a variety of types of paints for your child to use keeps them engaged and interested. With this recipe the children can help make it so they truly are involved and this fosters math skills, cause and effect, and it is just fun.

Ingredients needed:

¾ cup shaving cream

¼ cup white glue

¼ cup flour

Food coloring

Mix all ingredients together until they are completely combined.

Then put your puffy paint into a squeeze bottle.

Now start creating your beautiful works of art.

If you do not have squeeze bottles you can use a paintbrush with your puffy paint. This will just give you a thicker consistency and texture. Try using different types of paper to see what the results will be with your puffy paint.

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