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Hula Hoop Spider Web

Things you need:

*Hula Hoop (or a similar circle)

*Masking tape or any kind you have at home

*Clutter free space inside or outside to hang your spider web

*Ball pit balls or cotton balls

Add tape to your hoop like in the picture. Hang it up for you child to throw their choice of object (cotton balls or ball pit plastic balls) at the web. Take turns make it fun game. Choose different colour balls, or colour your cotton balls using water colour paints, to see who can get more onto the spider web. See how far can each of you throw.

Make different bugs that spider can eat and turn into a science exploration game or figure out together how much a spider can eat? It can be either just a fun game or an educational adventure. Once again follow your child's lead and most importantly have fun. Also if the weather is great take your spider web to your yard.

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