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Jellyfish Sun Catcher


Tissue Paper

Black Construction Paper


Contact Paper



First take your tissue paper and cut it into squares. Then using the black construction paper draw the shape of your jellyfish and then cut out the middle so that you then have a black jellyfish frame like the image below.

Cut a piece of contact paper that is larger than your jellyfish, remove the protective sheet and tape the contact paper on top of a table with the sticky side facing up.

Place the black jellyfish outline down on the sticky side of the contact paper and then you can start placing the tissue paper squares.

Don’t worry about the paper going over the black lines, you’ll be cutting around that when you’re done.

Take another sheet of contact paper and place it down on top of your jellyfish to seal it, then trim around it. You could leave about an inch around the edges to make sure that it would stay sealed.

Finally cut some decorative ribbon and tape it to the back of your jellyfish.

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