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Father's Day Fishing Poster

Father’s Day is coming up very soon! Are you wondering what you might get your child to make for their dad? Well here is a simple cool fishing poster wishing their dad a happy Father’s Day that you can help make them for him!

Firstly paint your child’s hand with whatever colour they would like then get them to make a hand print on a blank piece of white paper.

Next have them glue an eye to the top of the hand print. This could be a googly eye or an eye that you cut out of paper. Now cut out some lips and have your child glue it closely to where they glued the eye. The last step for your child is to draw a hook from the top of the paper to the fish’s mouth. The final overall step is to write at the top of the page “Fishing” You a Happy Father’s Day!

You can write this for your child or if your child can write letters write each letter down one at a time on a separate piece of paper and get your child to copy the letter.

Your child now has a gift to give to their dad!

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