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Papier Mache

The following activity is a great way to get your child involved and spend good time with them.

What you need: a bowl, flour, water, brush (my kids used pastry brush), scissors, paint, time and patience.

Cover your working space with newspaper or any other cover.

Ask your child to tear or cut the newspaper into pieces. The pieces can be any size and shape. This is a great exercise for little ones to develop fine motor skills.

Make your flour mixture: combine 1-part flour with 1-part hot water. Mix well to get rid of all the lumps. You should get a thick glue-like consistency. Add more water if it is too thick.

Choose a structure you want to papier mâché. My children decided to go with different size bowls. I covered the bowls with kitchen film wrap to make it easier to remove the paper later.

Now BE Ready to get Messy😊. Start laying the strips carefully on the bowls generously applying the flour mixture between the layers. Make sure to cover all the area for the first layer. 3-4 complete layers might be enough.

Let them dry (It took our bowls all night to dry out).

Now you can remove the base.

Add extra layers of paper if you are not satisfied with the strength of the project.

Make sure it is completely dry before you start decorating it.

Enjoy your kid’s project😊

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