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Hallway Laser Maze

Here’s a fun activity to try with your kids at home. It’s a fun way to get them moving and kids like it because they get to pretend that they are going through a laser maze like the spies do in the movies.

This is a simple activity to set up. All you need is crepe paper streamers. If you don’t have streamers at home, you could try other things to create your maze with, such as string or yarn. You also need masking tape, as this tape won’t damage your walls and a hallway to tape your streamer maze up in.

To create your maze, all you need to do is cut pieces of streamers and tape them from one side of the hallway wall directly to the other side of the hallway wall. You need to tape the streamers at varying heights (like a zig zag pattern) to make the maze a challenge for your child to climb through. (As shown in the picture) Basically, make it challenging enough for you child to have fun and success with, but not too challenging that they become frustrated with it.

Once your streamers are taped across the length of the whole hallway the maze is ready for your child to play with. Tell your child they need to crawl or climb through the streamers without tearing them down to make it from one side of the hallway to the other. Most children will welcome the challenge. Maybe even parents will want to give it a try too!! Most importantly, just have fun!!!

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