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Mother's Day Muffin Flower Card

These are simple and fun crafts for even the youngest children to do as a decoration or a Mother's Day card. The center of the flower can be further decorated with sequins, small seeds or a photo.

  • a printer (or draw your own stem and leaves).

  • glue,

  • scissors,

  • a piece of paper.

  • Two muffin cups (the paper cups you make muffins or cupcakes in) - we used one small and one large, but you could use two of the same size.

  • Something the color with (paint, crayons, markers, etc) -- pink, silver and purple are nice choices for mother's day.

  • Small photo

  • Colour the two muffin cups mother's day colours (they will be the flower head).

  • This step should be first, especially if using paint, so it has a chance to dry while you're doing the other steps.

  • Set aside to dry.

  • Print out the craft template of choice.

  • Cut out the template pieces and colour if necessary.

  • Fold a piece of construction paper in half to make a card.

  • Glue the leaves and the stem onto the front of the card.

  • Glue the two muffin cups onto the top of the stem (one on top of the other) to form the flower.

  • Flatten out the bottom cup a bit more t

han the top cup so you can see the petals.

  • you can use more than two cups if you want... the more cups you use, the more petals your flower will have.

  • Print "Happy Mother's Day!" on the card.

  • You can decorate the card further by colouring in grass. Alternatively, you can use balled up pieces of green tissue paper as grass.

  • Optional: Glue a photo into the center of the flower.

  • Fill the inside of your card with hand drawn pictures, a photo, stickers or a message to the person you're giving your card to.

Templates are Available at This Site if you want.

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