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Painting With Cars

Painting with Cars is a great activity for toddlers and parents, as it is an easy way to combine elements of sensory, art, and fine motor. I have tried this activity numerous times and I can personally say it is a huge hit among any kids that love cars.

Prepping this activity is fairly straightforward as all you need is paper, tape, paint, and your toddler’s favourite hot wheels car. To start, I personally like to cover an entire area with taped down paper (usually the top of a table), and then randomly place small blobs of paint on the paper. Your child can then drive his/her car over the paint to create their own personalized colourful road.

If you don't have a lot of cars around the house, you can paint with anything that's easy to wash - plastic animals, little people, etc.

This activity can also have an additional second part added to it if you want to save yourself some clean up. Just grab a bucket of water, the paint covered cars, and a small sponge or new toothbrush. Next, sit your child down with these items and have him/her run their own homemade car wash!

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