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Scare the Germs

During this time I’m sure it’s been confusing to our children, and as parents and educators we need to keep them safe and protected. Young children are unaware of the severity of the pandemic around us. So, my daughter and I saw a cute way to demonstrate how fast and easily germs can spread, with a fun little science trick to show how fast soap can kill the little germs. For this experience we used; water, pepper, hand soap and a bowl.

The first step was to fill the bowl with water.

Second we added pepper into water.

I had my daughter dip her finger into the pepper water.

When she took her finger out of the water she saw the pepper on her finger. This demonstrates that germs are easy to catch and pick up.

I had her put soap on her finger that had the pepper or germs.

Then dip her finger into the water.

The soap caused the pepper to move away from her. Showing us how soap help get rid of germs. Plus it’s super fun.

Try for yourself for a fun demonstration.

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