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Froggy In My Throaty

Sonja Rasmussen (or Miss Sonja Lasagna) of Wee Be Jammin is Toddlers’ Music Teacher. Our kids just love to get physical, and the music of Sonja is perfect for them to release their energies. The strong inclination of the children toward music teaches them to develop not just their musicality but also self-expression, rhythm, patterns, spatial awareness & help them broaden their imagination.

Remember, the importance of early exposure to music provides enjoyment for a lifetime .

I would like to share with you one of Sonja’s songs that our Panda kids fall in love with. Their day won’t be complete without singing the “FROGGY IN MY THROATY” song. Aside from the fun & entertainment it brings to the children, this musical story book is a fantastic teaching tool. They learn rhyming words, animal concepts, body parts, following instructions, imitating sounds & keeping rhythm & beat with hands. Gross motor & social skills are also reinforced in this song as they jump, clap, turn around, sing & dance with a group.

Here are some examples of verses to sing, from the book:

Also, you can encourage them to create their own verses/ rhymes once they get familiar with the tune.

For example:

* I’ve got a horse on my nose

* I’ve got some snow on my toe

* I’ve got a truck on my back

Have fun! You can also check out this alternative video of the full song:

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