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What's Missing?

Today I am going to share with you my favourite game that I used to play with my son when he was little. It is called The Memory Game. This game requires children to stop, focus, think, plan and remember, and those are all great skills that we use every day.

To Play:

Place a number of household items onto a tray or surface. The more items, the more challenging the game, so for younger children start with just 3-4 items and increase from there. Tell your child to have a close look at the items on the tray. Name them together. The more you discuss the items the more likely your child is to remember them, so you could ask them what colour or shape each item is or what it is used for.

Cover the items with a towel or with their favourite sheet or blanket. Ask your child to close their eyes and as they do so remove one item from under the cloth. Ask them to open their eyes, remove the cloth and ask them what is missing.

You can add more and more items to the game as it goes on, or switch roles with your children, so you are the one guessing.

Hope you will enjoy this game.

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