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Tissue Paper Tree

To help usher in Spring, here is a simple activity your children can make.

All we need are:

· Fallen tree branches

· Paints (optional)

· Colourful tissue/crepe papers

· Glue

· Planter/vase

· Scissor

Take a walk around your neighborhood or go to a nearby park, you’ll probably find a fallen branches or twigs. Bring them home and wash them. Remove any thorn and loose bark. Once they are clean, you can ask your children to paint them. Meanwhile, you can cut the tissue papers into small squares. Then, place the branches in a planter or vase securely. Next, let the children randomly glue the tissue papers on the branches. They do not have to finish this at once; they can leave and play something else, then come back or finish it in a week, or until all the branches are covered with colourful paper flowers.

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