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Baked Handprint

How about making a salt dough handprint. It's a great activity and nice to look back on as your children age and grow.


- 4 cups of plain flour

- 1 ¼ cup salt

- 1 cup of water (add slightly more water if necessary)

Bake in oven on lowest heat for 3 hours or until rock hard (took about 4 hours)


▶️ Mix the flour and salt then add the water

▶️ Mix into a dough

▶️ Roll out onto flat surface into desired shape about 1-1.5cm thick (remember to sprinkle some flour down to prevent sticking)

▶️ Place on a baking tray

▶️ Make hand imprints (as deep/clear as possible)

▶️ Place in the oven on the - lowest heat possible - and leave for 3-4 hours or until completely solid top and bottom. (Alternatively you can leave to air dry for a couple of days in a cool dry place)

▶️ Paint with your choice of paints/colours (I suggest acrylic paints)

▶️ If you choose to you can seal with any kind of varnish or sealer to preserve it. Varnish, modpodge,

Check the bottom is rock solid before you take it out and make sure you have it on the ovens lowest heat or it will burn instead.

You can also push small toys, flowers, leaves, or anything else to make fun shapes and designs into the dough The possibilities are endless

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