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Busy Bees

All About Bees! We see them all the time in Spring & Summer. Bees are busy collecting flowers to make honey. We should reinforce to the children that bees are not harmful, and even though they sting, they only do so in defense.

Here’s some interesting facts about bees:

1. Bees have 5 eyes & 6 legs. 2. Bees are the only insect in the world that make food for themselves that people can eat. 3. Honey bees harvest nectar & pollen from flowering plants. 4. Honey bees live in hives or colonies 5. Bees can see all colors except red. Their sense of smell helps them find the flowers they need to collect pollen And many more... Here are some fun, play activities that can help children expand their curiosity & learning experience about the world of Bees:

Bumble Bee Headband or Crown Craft

You will need:


1. Cut the yellow paper into 2-3 inches thick strips . It will take around 2 to 3 strips per headband. 2. Have your child color a stripe of black on the paper strips using black crayon/ marker. 3. Tape or staple the strips end to end & wrap around your child’s head. 4. Draw & glue the face (optional) 5. Thread the pipe cleaner under the tape & twist the end to make the antenna & attach the pompom (optional). After making this fancy bee headband/crown, let them sing, dance around & fly like bees to their hearts delight!

Now, we want to challenge our child/children to become busy worker bees. Explain to them how the bees are working together to take care of the hive and how your family will be helping each other to get the house clean and nice for spring. SPRING CLEANING Give each child a chore that is suited to their age, such as sorting, wiping the floor, sweeping, organizing the toys & many more. Make sure they have their bees headbands on while doing the task to make it enticing & fun for them. As a reward for helping out in the chores, let them engage in a dramatic play. Prepare a flower cup craft ( your child can make this too) with their favourite fruit drinks/smoothie. Using a straw they can suck the pretend nectar( juice/ smoothie) & collect pollens.

This activity is a great way to come together as a family & enjoy every precious moment while everyone is stuck at home. Bee Healthy... Bee Safe

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