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Active Games with Socks

We've all been stuck at home and mostly trapped inside during this shutdown, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't stay active. These games are easy to play and shouldn't take much room.

First, just push some furniture to the side to make space and make sure you remove any breakables. Then grab some (clean!) socks. Roll them up into a ball. You can make a small ball with just a pair or a larger ball using more socks.

1. Sock Ball Soccer This game can be played one of two ways: One child alone can practice kicking the ball at a “goal” of their choice: living room sofa, door opening, or laundry hamper laid on its side. Two or more children (and parents) can play one-versus-one or two-versus-two in a small space. Note: goals don’t need to be identical. One team can defend a sofa, the other team can defend a doorway, etc. 2. Sock Ball Basketball Two ways to play: One child alone can practice throwing their ball into a laundry hamper, small cardboard box, or another household container from different distances and angles. Two or more children (and parents) can play one-versus-one or two-versus-two in a competitive shootout challenge. Take turns shooting from different distances and different heights and angles. 3. Sock Ball Throw and Catch Make a sock ball using two or three pairs of large socks rolled inside each other. Choose a play space in your home that’s free of breakable objects, or remove the breakable objects before playing. Play space can be a bedroom, living room, or any room where there’s enough space to throw a distance of three to five metres without obstructions. Two children (or child and parent) stand three to five metres apart and throw to each other. Start with gentle underhand throws for young children and any children who are unfamiliar with throwing and catching a ball. As throwing and catching improves, throw faster, throw overhand, and even try trick throws (such as throwing from behind your back, under your legs, or from behind your head).

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