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Indoor Hopscotch

In this hard time kids need to vent out their physical energy. Hop Scotch is a goid way to do so. There are so many different ways from classic hopscotch to hand foot prints hop scotch. This can be incorporated in your child's life depending on their age.

Items needed:

Masking tape

Open space like a hallway or living room or in basement

A child to enjoy this activity.

Find pics attached to get ideas for different set ups according to your child's age and interests.

Here's a video for hand and foot print hop scotch. It's a bit of a combination between hopscotch and the game Twister.

Follow the Link Here

Shapes or Colours Hopscotch.

This is a great way to incorporate learning about colours and shapes. You can add in a twist, such as rule that you can only jump on squares or circles.

Be creative as your child needs that special touch. Each child is a different individual and need physical activities unique for them.

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