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Paper Plate Sunflower

This is an easy, kid friendly craft idea. It'll be sure to brighten up the little kids.


  • Yellow Construction Paper

  • Black paint

  • Glue stick

  • Craft Scissors

  • Hand-Held Stapler


First, cut your yellow tissue paper into small squares and set aside. Next, cut out your sunflower petals from the yellow construction paper. Take your petals and staple or glue them to the outside rim of the paper plate.

Now put a good amount of glue all over the inside of the plate. Cover the glued middle with the tissue paper squares. Once it has been covered completely, draw some black dots with the paint to make the 'sunflower seeds". An alternative the black paint if you don’t own any is a black sharpie; just use the sharpie to make dots. Let everything dry before putting in display! Hope you enjoy!

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