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DIY Ring Toss

Here is a game where your child can practice their creative and hand eye coordination skills. DIY Ring Toss!

With your child first collect some paper plates and a paper towel roll. You’ll also need some scissors, masking tape, and one of markers, scissors or crayons. You’re now ready to get started!

Have your child colour the paper towel roll while you cut out the middle of the plates to make them into rings. You’ll need to save one plate as a base for the paper towel roll. Once you’re done cutting out the plates and your child is done with the paper towel roll get your child to colour the plates. Now have your child rip some pieces of masking tape and get them to take the paper towel roll and tape it to the base of the plate that wasn’t turned into a ring.

There we go your game is ready and now it’s time to play ring toss! Some ideas of how to make this game work could be see how many times it takes your child to get all the rings onto the paper towel roll or see how many plates in row they can get on it as well.

Have fun!

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