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Fruit Salad Song

We make sure to balance quiet & active times to children. Since younger children have shorter attention span & their bodies just want to move.

Here’s a gross motor movement song that I introduced in the Panda Room and the children incredibly enjoy it. Actually, it became one of the most requested songs, aside of course from the all time favourite, Baby Shark Song. I’m going to give you some tips on how to do this, to make it more fun & exciting. First, we start out very slow to say each fruit clearly & to give the children time to get familiarize with the actions. Once they are comfortable with the song, you can try other versions like the Sing It version or the Speeding Up version where each verse gets faster & faster & children simply love catching up with the song & gestures as it speeds up. Let them sing, dance, wiggle their bodies to their hearts delight. We all know that gross motor movement is integral to development, but when children move to music, they are getting more than exercise. Stay healthy everyone!

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