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Tape Game

Here’s an easy indoor activity that is good for you to work on your gross motor skills like jumping. It can also make your children active on days like these that they are stuck at home. All you need is tape & an open space for play & move. My little Kassandra is doing this everyday at home. Have fun!!

Set Up

Make 5-10 separate lines of tape, each about a foot apart, on your floor or carpet. Label the first one the "start" line and then give your kids simple instructions:

Long Jump: See how many lines they can jump over. Have them try and beat their best score each time. Experiment with arm swinging vs arms behind their backs.

Run n' Jump: Now let them take a running start (if you have space) and see if they can jump even further!

Long Jump Backwards: Increase the difficulty by performing the tasks jumping backwards.

Hop: How far can they jump on one leg?

Reach 'n' Stretch: How far can their leg reach with one foot on the start line?

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