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Nature Sensory Bottles

Nature sensory bottles are a great way to make the exploration of nature more accessible for little ones. This works very well for infants in particular, as they are able to observe the qualities of a natural object without putting it in their mouth!

Sensory bottles are extremely easy to make. First, collect the items that will be put inside of the bottles. I used shells, two different types of flowers and pine needles, but any aesthetically interesting natural items that fit inside of a bottle will do! You will then want to get at least three plastic water bottles and remove the label. You can remove the label in a few different ways, like soaking it in hot soapy water, or using rubbing alcohol. Once this is done, keep the water inside of the bottles and place the natural items inside. The final step is to crazy glue the lid back on, to keep it sealed. If you want, you can add a pinch of loose glitter to make it glimmer in the sunlight!

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