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DIY Desk Organizer

This activity is super easy, but a bit time consuming. It is good for storing and organizing the craft supplies and desk accessories.

Materials: any boxes that you have on hand (cardboard boxes, wooden boxes), scissors/utility knife, glue, paper (wrapping paper) or paint, pencil.

1. Cut down a box (e.g., Ikea glass holder, wine/yogurt box) to a desirable height.

2. Trim the tops of the box for smooth lines and wrap it with paper or paint it.

My children helped me to glue the paper and decorate the boxes. We covered one of the boxes with wrapping paper left from Christmas and used the white paper for the second one.

3. Enjoy your child’s new organizer.

My daughter was very excited to keep her new paint supplies in her new box. My son used his organizer for keeping the writing tools and school notebooks. They both really enjoyed being a part of this activity.

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