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Bottle Cap Flowers

Hey everyone, spring is here. The weather is happily warming up and we’ve been for some gorgeous walks around our neighborhood. The Hyacinth flowers are one of my very favourite flowers so I look forward to seeing them sprouting through the earth!

You and the kids will love how they turn out well you all have fun and maybe even plant some of your own!

How to make a stunning hyacinth flower craft;

Supplies Blue construction paper Green construction paper Empty water bottle Purple paint Small paper plate Scissors Glue

Directions Step 1. Cut out skinny green stems and glue them onto your light blue construction paper Step 2. Pour some purple paint onto your small paper plate. Dip your water bottle lid onto the paint and back onto your paper until you have made your Hyacinth flowers. Step 3. You can leave as is or after your paint is dry you could cut out some leaves from your green construction paper and glue them onto the sides of your beautiful hyacinth flowers.

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