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Homemade Ring Toss

To make a ring toss game of your own, you’ll need:

  • Paper plates

  • Cardboard tubes

  • Paint

  • Scissors

  • Paint brushes

  • Glue

  • Rocks to weigh it down for outside

For the cardboard tubes, we actually ended up with 3. You can use paper towel tubes or, if you still have them, you can use an empty wrapping paper roll like we did and just cut it into 3 parts.

To add a bit of a challenge to our game, we cut our cardboard tube into 3 different sizes (heights), but you could easily just use a couple of paper towel rolls to keep them all the same size. You can add colours to the tubes for colour sorting the cut out plates to challenge your kids.

To make your rings, take a couple of paper plates and either paint them, draw on them, or decorate them however you wish.

If you’re painting them, you’ll want to put some newspaper or something down to cover your surface while you’re painting them and waiting for them to dry.

Once your plates have dried, cut the circles out of the middles.

Now, don’t throw those circles that you just cut out away! We’ve got another fun project that uses them and we’ll be sharing that one with you in a few days!

To finish up, just take a paper plate and glue the end of one of your cardboard tubes right in the middle. Adding the paper plate will give your tube some balance and make it a lot easier to set up your game. They also won’t fall over when you toss your rings on them

To play, just grab your preschooler and show them how to toss the rings or play with them n take turns to teach them turn taking. This game makes an excellent form of gross motor practice as well as helps with hand-eye coordination! Not to mention, your kids are going to have a blast! Also this game game can be played outside during sunny days. Just place some rocks to weigh the plate/toss down so it doesn't fly away.

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