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Thankful Tree

Spring is in the air! The snow has almost all gone and soon flowers and leaves on trees are going to start to bloom! To mark this occasion an activity that you can your child can make is a thankful tree. Children love making their hand prints and reflecting on what they are thankful for!

Materials that you will need for this activity are construction paper, glue stick, scissors and a marker. Time to get started!

Firstly, you and your child together draw a stump with many branches. Now together you can cut that out. Once this is done have your child glue this to a piece of white construction paper. Now you’re going to take one of your child’s hands and trace it. Once this is done they can cut out their hand print. Now ask them what they are thankful for and write down their answer on their hand print. Finally, get them to glue their handprint to one of the branches.

Repeat this process until all the branches are full of handprints.

There you go you and your child have made a thankful tree that you can hang up somewhere around the house!

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