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Edible Paint (Dairy Free)

Painting is such a great sensory activity for little ones! It’s a fun way to encourage the development of

fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, as well as the cognitive domains.

Often, edible paint for infant recipes contain dairy products. I wanted to find a recipe that would be inclusive for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

First, mix baby rice cereal with a lot of water, until you get a nice consistency. Put the cereal in separate containers and add food colouring, so that they are nice and brightly coloured.

The author of this article suggests to use the paint on a splash mat outside, for messy fun and an easy cleanup. This will be perfect if you have a backyard or easily accessible outdoor area! If not, this could easily be a highchair or floor activity.

The food colouring may temporarily stain skin, but will quickly wash out. Have fun!

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