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Big Foot Game

A safe backyard/frontyard to play this game or side walk works too.

Big cardboard box

Sandals (Dollarama sells cheap ones)


Glue gun

Ball pit balls/balloons



Cut a big foot as shown in pictures attached. Use glue gun to glue the sandals to the middle of the cardboard foot. Make an ugly big foot or make a dinosaur shaped foot according to your child's interest. Paint toe nails to make look beautiful or ugly, go with with your child/children's idea.

Tape the balls or balloons on all 10 toes on both feet. Make a starting point and an end point. Get the child/children to reach finish point as fast as they can. Join in on the game with the child. Challenge to see how much slow can they walk in those or if they can hop, gallop or skip with both or 1 bigfoot on.

You can also do relay game using these. Place an empy bucket on end point and place bucket with potatoes at start point. Child/children have to transfer them to the empty bucket. Who can finish first or how long does it take each to get the task done?

This game is a fun game to enjoy outdoors as the weather is starting to be nice. You can participate with them or enjoy watching them have fun while you barbecue away.

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