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Giant Lacing Box

Create a 3D structure for your child to practice the fine motor skill of lacing. While your child practices, your child creates a beautiful abstract piece of art. A giant lacing box can be reused an endless number of times, and each time your child can create a different pattern.


  • Large recycled cardboard box

  • Screwdriver

  • Box cutter or sharp scissors

  • Yarn or string

  • Tape


  1. When your large cardboard box is fully assembled, use a screwdriver to puncture holes around half of the box, so that a rectangle is found at the bottom of each side.

  2. Use a box cutter to cut the box in half lengthwise, so that the half with all the puncture holes is all on one side.

  3. Use a box cutter to cut out the solid face that remains on the box. For additional stability, leaving around 2 inches of box on all sides.

  4. Cut a length of yarn or string off for your child. Tie several knots on one end so that it will not pull through a puncture hole. On the opposite end of the yarn, add tape to create a “needle.”

  5. Leading with the tape “needle,” have your child lace the yarn in and out of whichever puncture holes your child wishes.

  6. Once your child is finished, you can either keep the finished laced box as is, or you can remove the yarn for another day of lacing.

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