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Nature Crown

Decorate yourself with nature by making beautiful nature crowns. This easy craft takes just a few minutes. It’s a great addition to a photoshoot or creative imaginative play. Nature crowns can be used time and again and are a fantastic way to display the beautiful natural finds of every season.


  • Sticks

  • Hot glue gun

  • Natural objects

  • Scrap paper


  1. Take a piece of scrap paper and cut it into two strips. Tape one end of one strip to the end of another strip to create a long piece of paper.

  2. Ask an adult to use the long piece of paper to measure around the children’s head where they’d like the crown to rest. Add a piece of tape so the circle of paper holds its shape and remove it from children’s head.

  3. Break up 5 to 7 sticks and lay them, overlapping slightly, so that they form a circle the same size as the paper circle you created in step 2.

  4. Ask an adult to add a generous amount of hot glue wherever the sticks overlap.

  5. Take another stick and break it into two pieces approximately 4 inches long.

  6. Ask an adult to set the two pieces as an upside down V at the front of the crown and glue them wherever the sticks cross.

  7. Allow the crown to cool.

  8. Collect natural objects you’d like to use for the crown. Decide where to place them and then ask an adult to add a dot of hot glue to affix them to the crown.

  9. Allow the crown to cool completely before placing it on children’s head.

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