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Scream 'Til You Drop

I have an outside activity that is a huge success with my daughter and I'd like to post. I learned last year, in the ECE week, and they called Scream 'Til You Drop.

So, basically everybody line up. When you say go, the first kid/ person run as fast as she can, screaming as loud as they can as far as they can. When she can scream no longer, she will wait for my turn (or other kids turns).

Another variation, is to have everyone race at once. Line everyone up and count down. Then everyone runs at once, yelling as loud as they can. As soon as they have to take a breath, they have to stop running. The last one running, wins!

Warning: This is a fun, easy game to play, but it will get you odd looks from neighbours and other people!

It's amazing, crazy, and nuts fun!!!

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