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Juice Ice Cubes

Which child doesn’t like tasting stuff? I don’t know too many! With this activity your child can make juice ice cubes then taste them after!

Supplies that you’ll need are a can of juice, jug, water, cup, large spoon and ice cube tray.

Firstly open up the can of juice for your child and have them pour it into the jug. Next get them to fill up a cup with water and get them to pour it into the jug and keep doing this until the jug is full. Once that is done now have them take the spoon and get them to stir the juice and water together until they are well mixed together. The first part is done and onto the second part!

Your child may need help with this next part but now get them to pour a bit of juice into each slot available in the ice cube tray until the tray is full. Now have them put the tray into the freezer. This is the tough part of waiting for the juice to freeze! In the meantime this would be a good opportunity to teach your child how liquid turns into a solid. After a few hours the juice should be turned into ice cubes and it’s now time to taste them! They should taste great! Enjoy!

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