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Pebble and Water Sensory Tub

Encouraging sensory play for infants is so important. Luckily, it can also be incredibly inexpensive when you are creative.

All the materials that you need for his activity are a large plastic container, lukewarm water, a towel or sheet (this can be excluded if this activity is brought outside) and large pebbles (at least egg sized, or larger). Fill the container with water and place the pebbles inside. Put the container on the towel/sheet and place it on the floor, or wherever it is accessible for the little one.

It will be so much fun for your little one to pick up the pebbles and splash them into the water, allowing them to hear all of the exciting sounds and differing textures! This activity is quite simple, but it requires use of the fine motor skills (manipulating slippery pebbles in the water), gross motor skills (sitting up to access the bucket and moving the arms to splash the water) and the senses.

A great tip from this website is ‘if you’re not sure whether something is suitable for mouthing babies, pop it in a toilet roll tube. If it fits, it’s probably too small. However, you should ALWAYS supervise little ones, especially around choking hazards and water’.

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