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Rolling Tape Feet

Here is a fun craft you can do with your children, and it does not require many steps, or a long time! It allows the kids to get involved, choose colours and play with different craft items, and at the end, have a fun toy they can use with their imagination! Supplies: Construction paper Straw Wooden sticks Tape Instructions: Start off with having your child trace the shape of their foot on a construction paper of their colour choice (best to do bare footed). Then cut out the shapes of their feet that they had just traced.

Next, cut a plastic straw in half and tape each half on the inside of the feet.

After this step, take the tape roll and place the wooden stick and cut it in half, and have each half hanging out on each end, and tape the middle part of it in the tape roller.

After this, place the wooden sticks inside the straws (with the feet taped onto them).

This is the last step and now the kids can push it and use their imagination for games!

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