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Camping in the Yard

It finally feels warm enough to sleep in a tent! Sleeping in a tent is so much fun and something that children would love to help set-up and sleep in!

Here are the instructions as to how to set up a tent:

Step One: Find a nice open flat space to put your tent down on.

Step Two: Take the tent out of its bag and unfold it so the top is exposed and also locate the door. Next pull all 4 corners of the tent to where you want it to be.

Step Three: Put all the support rods together.

Step Four: Insert the rod into the rod slips on each corner of the tent. Make sure to slide the rod all the way through to the other end. There is a break in the slip at the top of the tent which means you will need to guide the rod to its second slip.

Step Five: Insert the end of the rod into the corner socket to secure the rod, then go to the other end of the tent and insert the opposite end of the same rod into the socket. You will find the sockets on a flap on each corner of the tent. Finish this process for the ends of each rod. When you are done the tent will be raised off the ground.

Step Six: Put the stakes into each corner of the tent. The stake areas are next to the socket where you inserted the rods. Inserting the stakes will prevent the tent from blowing up off the ground. Once the stakes are in you are finished!

You’ve now built a tent and is now ready to sleep in! Have fun!


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