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Lagori, or Seven Stones

Here's the list of things needed, for a game I used to play as a child. My children play it today.

- 7 rocks that can stack, you could also use different empty boxes if u can't find rocks.

- A soccer ball or a ball of around tgat size

- 2 teams atleast 2 in each team. More the merrier

- Fenced Yard.

Stack the boxes/stones. One team will be the one to stack and another team will be using ball to attack the stacker team. First the team attackers will knock off the stack of rocks/boxes. Next the stackers have to stack all seven rocks/boxes without ball touching them thrown by attackers. The stackers win if that happens and if attacjer get the stackers out before the stones/boxes stacked the attacker's team wins. We call this game "Legori" or Seven Stones.

One safety rule we follow while playing this game is that ball should touch only lower body of the person so nobody gets hurt on face or head etc. Also if playing with kids you could use beach ball but if its windy it gives other team a chance to stack up while the ball blows away.

This game uses eye hand coordination as well as your spatial awareness when you have to save yourself from being hit by the ball at same time. This is a very fun physical game to enjoy anywhere outdoors.

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