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Sound Safari

1. Gather your materials. You will need some construction paper, plain paper, markers, a ruler, scissors, stickers and glue or double stick tape.

2. Make a simple chart , one space for the sound you are searching for and a small box for a sticker or a check mark.

3. Add things you hear often around your neighborhood or where ever you will be listening. We did sirens, dogs barking, birds, cars, etc…

4. Tape or glue the paper on the construction paper and head off on your walk

5. Gave the chart to your child and told them we were looking for all those sounds, you can talk about hearing things, and although he/she is quite convince we hear with our eyes, he/she still got it.

6. You can start things off the closing the garage door and asking him what he heard. when he/she said the garage door , asked him/her to look on his/her chart to see if that was on it. When it was we got a sticker and put it in the box.

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