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Father's Day Card - Monster Hug

Homemade cards from the children are always a joy to receive and something to cherish for years to come. These cheeky little Monster Hug Cards are great keepsakes for Father’s Day.


  • A5 coloured card

  • A3 sugar paper

  • Felt pens

  • Scissors

  • Googly eyes

  • Glue


  • Draw a monster onto the A5 card. (Simple shapes work best.)

  • Cut it out.

  • At one end of the A3 sugar paper draw around the child’s hands and cut out with the addition of long arms.

  • Glue the arms, to make the hug, onto the back of the monster.

  • Decorate the monster with spots and googly eyes etc. to make it truly monstrous.

  • Write your personal message.


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