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Jellyfish Salt Painting

This is a fun process art activity that kids can free paint while they watch the paint colors mix and travel along the lines of salt and glue.


  • Glue

  • Card Stock Paper

  • Paint Brush or Pipettes

  • Liquid Watercolors or Food Coloring mixed with water

  • Salt


  • First you’ll squeeze your glue designs onto your card stock paper.

  • Sprinkle your design with salt until it is covered and then shake the excess salt off.

  • If you don’t have liquid watercolor paints for this step, then you can use food coloring. Take some plastic cups filled with some water and place a few drops of food coloring into each cup.

  • You’ll then dip your paintbrush into the paint and gently touch the salt covered glue lines and magically watch the paint travel and mix colors.

  • If you’d like, a medicine dropper or a pipette would work well for this activity too. Once you’re finished painting you can set it aside to dry for a day or two.


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