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Shaving Cream Sensory Bags

Making sensory bags is a great activity for touching, feeling and exploring what's inside a bag. My favorite sensory bag's activity is shaving cream sensory bag mixing colours. This activity is great for children who don’t like getting their hands dirty but can enjoy playing without getting any of the materials on their hands. Also, it is a good for parents who don’t like mess, as all the ingredients are held within the plastic bag. While all the ingredients are contained inside the sensory bag, do make sure the sensory bag is securely closed and always supervise all the time they are playing.

How to make a shaving cream sensory bag.

You will need:

- strong, clear zip-lock bag

- food colour or paint

- duct tape

- shaving cream

First, pour shaving cream into the zip-loc bag. It is important not to overfill the bag as this increases the risk of the bag splitting. Second, drop yellow colour in one corner of the zip-loc bag and red into the other corner. Next, remove all air bubbles from the bag and close the zip-loc and secure the bag with Duct Tape. After that, when you finished making shaving cream sensory bag, you can give to your child to play with it. The child can squeeze and squash the bag until two colours are mixed into one and their hands will be not dirty. Explore mixing and creating different colours.

Also, you can make some more different kinds of sensory bags.

Some examples:

-discovery bag (clear hair gel or water mixed with baby oil or cooking oil, food colour, glitter, small toys),

-ocean bag (hair gel or water mixed with baby oil or cooking oil, blue food colour, glitter, different shapes of stars, beads),

-alphabet squish bag (clear hair gel or water mixed with baby oil or cooking oil, food colour, alphabet letters).

Have a good time exploring and playing with sensory bags without mess!

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