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Indoor Snow Storm

During this time it is very important to make sure that children are still being physically active. Preschooler’s benefits from activity include building their strength, concentration and co-ordination. Self confidence is boosted which is very important at this time when children may not be feeling confident about what is happening in their world. You can use either an indoor space or outdoor space for being physically active. One benefit to using an outdoor space is having fun in the fresh air and getting out of the house.

Creating a “snowstorm” inside your house will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Making a snow storm

You will need the following materials: cotton balls, a small basket/bucket, open space (inside or outside)

Throw the cotton balls around the room or your outdoor space. Have your child (ren) run around and pick up the cotton balls. Have your child (ren) place the cotton balls in the basket/bucket you have given them. Once the cotton balls are all collected scoop up the cotton balls from the basket/bucket. Throw them up in the air so they fall on your child (ren) creating a “snowstorm” and then encourage them to pick them up again. A fun twist would be for the children to throw the cotton balls in the air and their parent(s) get to gather them up. When they are all gathered the child (ren) can throw them up so the “snowstorm” can land on their parent(s).

Yes, it is March, but I hear they are predicting “indoor snowstorms” are on the horizon.

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