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Tornado in a Bottle

A great science activity for children to do is to make their own tornado in bottles and here is how you do so. An adult's help will be needed to make the tornado apparatus, but afterwards, the kids can do it themselves.

First, find two empty 2L pop bottles and peel off the labels. Next, fill up one of the bottles 75% full of water. If your child would like to make a coloured tornado adding food colouring to the water, that is an option too. Once this is done, you’ll need to get duct tape and scissors. Take the duct tape and cut off a good piece as you will be taking the other bottle and putting it on top of the bottle that is full of water and wrapping the duct tape in between the two bottles so they are taped together. Make sure that there is enough tape that it’s firmly holding the two bottles together so that no water escapes when it comes time to do the activity.

It is now time to make the tornado!!!

Take the bottle and flip it upside down and start to shake it in a circular motion with a fast amount of speed. The water will start to move from the upper bottle down to the lower bottle and with the circular motion will make a tornado shape! And there you go, you have made a tornado!

Have fun with it!

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