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Sink or Float

Children can do this activity in the bathtub or on the floor with a plastic tub or basin filled with water and a couple drops of food colouring. Place a towel under the bin to soak up any spills. Find a bunch of small water proof toys and household items. Give your children a list of things to collect.

Suggested items for a sink or float.

For items that sink - coins, stones, toy car/ truck, keys, marbles, metal utensils, etc.

For items that float - Lego, straws, popsicle stick, corks, foam, crayons, rubber ball, bathtub toys, etc.

Ask the children to carefully drop in object after object into the water and observe what happens. Ask your children to predict which objects they think will sink and which will float. Ask them why they think an object sinks or float.Then explain that items sink or float based on their density.

This is one of many activities that is very easy to prepare and do with the children. The fact that they love playing in the water, it added fun watching different objects that sink or float. After doing this activity, I get them ready for a bath, and while taking a bath, they can still play with these toys in the bath tub. Have fun to all Moms & Dads with their children!!! Stay safe & healthy!!!

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