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Cracker Spaceship

This activity will be fun for children of all ages, but younger children will need more support than others, and probably won't be able to make a rocket shape. They'll still love playing with (and eating) the ingredients! Older children that can make the rocket can find different things to decorate it with.

1) Use one egg white and some icing powder. Mix together, you can keep adding icing powder into the bowl, until it thick as glue, not really runny. 2) Put a small zip lock bag into a cup, this way it'll be easy to put the well done icing into the bag.

3) Tied up the bag and getting ready for the next step!

4) Gather your other ingredients. Take some crackers, chocolate chips, Cheerios. You can use whatever you have at home. Square soda cracker will be better.

5) I have cut my circle cracker to have some straight edges, that will be easy to glue together to make the sides of the rocket ship. 6) Use one cracker as foundation, and use three crackers as the body of the Rocket, use icing as glue to put them together. You may need to hold it for little bit until they are dry, or the icing getting harder. Kids will probably need help with this step.

7) Cut more crackers into triangle, and put them together as the roof of the rocket. 8) Put the roof upon the body and use icing as glue.

9) Glue those Cheerios on the roof. You can also use other snacks as the decoration. 10) I used the leftover crackers as wings and chocolate chips as the fire. You should use your creativity to make your rocket more interesting! Ask your children how do they like their rocket! Feel free to post your craft and share your suggestions, we would love to hear from you and your kids! Enjoy!

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