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Fred Penner Virtual Concert

Growing up in Manitoba, we listened to a lot of Fred Penner music. Fred Penner is a children's performer and musician. He had his own kid's show on CBC for over a decade in the late 1980s to mid 90s. He's a member of the Order of Manitoba and the Order of Canada. Some of his best known songs are Sandwiches Are Beautiful, The Cat Came Back, Happy Feet and my personal favourite, The Bump.

If his name sounds familiar, but you don't know his music, it might be from his numerous performances during the U of M Orientation Week over the past decade. He sings children's songs to adults that grew up with his music.

Despite being mostly retired, Penner is doing his best to help his home (Winnipeg!) during this shutdown. On Sunday, at 2 pm, Penner is hosting a virtual concert on his FaceBook and Instagram accounts. More info available here:

Check it out if you're interested. His music is fantastic for kids and was pretty much the soundtrack of my childhood. I know I'll be watching.

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