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Grow Your Own Seeds

With spring just beginning and the weather getting warmer every day, now is great time to start gardening. These are some indoor planting experiments you can do.

Materials: A variety of seeds from fruits or vegetables

Permanent marker

Ziplock bag

Paper towel



Step 1: Prepare some vegetables and fruits (tomato, red paper, lemon, cucumber. etc).

Step 2: Parents cut the vegetables and fruits and gather all sorts of seeds in the fruits and vegetables. Then put them on the paper towel for children to explore and observe.

Step 3: When the children are done examining them (the children can try to draw a picture of them), add them to a sprouting bag with a label.

Step 4: After they have sprouted, the children with parents can transfer them to soil with a label and watch them grow. The children also can measure and record how high the plant grow up every day.

Questions to ask your children: Which seeds sprout the faster?

Which plants grow the faster?

Do you think the size of seeds can tell us anything about the size of plants?

When you touch the seeds, which seeds are soft, which seeds are hard?

If some seeds didn’t sprout, why didn’t they?

What do the seeds need to grow?

What shape are these seeds? Which seed is the smallest? Which seed is the biggest? Did the smaller seeds come from the smallest fruit?

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