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Planet Art

Want to do something that is easy, uses up all those flyers you in get in your mailbox and keeps the children busy for a long time? Well here it is.

What you need: Newspaper (those flyers do beautifully), Masking tape, Markers or Paint, Twist ties, String, Extra option – Two wire hangers.

Take the newspaper, crumple it up into a ball, as big or as small as you want. Wrap it all up in masking tape, try to make it as smooth as possible. Make the twist tie into a loop and tape that onto the ball of newspaper. This is so you can tie a string onto it and hang it.

Then either use markers or paint to create your land masses, water and whatever else you can think of. There is your planet!

If you want to make a whole solar system - make a mobile out of two wire hangers. Take one hanger and twist off the hook part. You can do this by either twisting it back and forth or using the wire cutter at the base of a set of pliers. Put that hanger and the other one together at right angles and tape together. There you have it. Attach the planets and hang it where ever you want. Have fun!

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